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Bon Odori

The Buddhist Temple of San Diego and the Japanese Friendship Garden hosted the Bon Odori, a traditional Japanese celebration involving the Bon dance. At Obon festivals people remember and appreciate the spirits of their ancestors. So I grabbed my gear and went to Balboa Park and enjoyed my first Bon Odori in the States!

Many people participating were wearing Yukata (summer kimonos), so it felt almost like being in Japan. Except the occasional sunglasses perhaps.

A member of San Diego Taiko playing the drums.

Outstanding performance of the Naruwan Taiko combo.

Jen Sim of Naruwan Taiko at the taiko drums. I am glad I didn't miss these awesome Taiko drum players.
I loved every minute of their music!

A lot of eye candy to be seen here. Thankfully I had brought my 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens. That thing is heavy as a rock, but worth every ounce (or gram, if you prefer). Actually it weighs around 1.5 kilograms (3.31 lbs).

Devin Tani (Naruwan Taiko) playing the drums.

And that's how babies learn to dance. Gotta love the colors!

Even in black & white the traditional Japanese summer garments look awesome.

Jenny Dang, member of (Naruwan Taiko), obviously enjoying herself.

This lady here was one of the cutest and most enthusiastic dancers at the Bon Odori.

Did I mention that I love those colors? And so did my Canon!

Dancing makes hungry. There were lots of food stalls at the Japanese Friendship Garden, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki among others was to be had. It was pretty crowded at the food stalls though and some food rather on the expensive side.

These two were listening to the taiko drums while they were waiting for the Bon dance to begin.

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