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Global Winter Wonderland

In December I went to the Global Winter Wonderland, a festival with lanterns depicting famous buildings from countries all over the world, and all kinds of imaginative creatures. There is even an Eiffel Tower!
I had so much fun taking pictures at the festival, it's an color explosion all around you! The Global Winter Wonderland is debuting this year in San Diego at the former Qualcomm Stadium.
I totally recommend going there! They are still open almost every day until January 7, 2018.
Check their website for details if you want to go.

They even have glowing flowers there.

The festival is a very good place to go with your better half and have fun.

People walking towards the gate of a Shaolin temple.

A glowing tree is in full bloom at night.

This traditional Chinese Dragon lantern is over 100 feet (30 meters) long! The idea of the Global Winter Wonderland was born when the organizer, Lulu Huang, had seen a traditional Lantern Festival in China.

Visitors stands out as silhouettes against an illuminated castle. This one was liked a lot by families with children.

A sentinel guarding the gate of the temple.

Silhouettes of visitors at an illuminated Labyrinth consisting of some kind of flaming tendrils.

Another illuminated flower with blue petals. It's stunning how much work and love its creators have put into so many details.

Couple, trapped at the labyrinth. I'm kidding, actually they'd just walk by. But I got trapped by all the colors and the beauty of the fancy creatures and glowing shapes!

These glowing trees change their colors every couple thousand nanoseconds.

I shot all pictures with the Canon 5D MK IV, with different kinds of lenses.

Illuminated Japanese lucky charm, a cat called Maneki-neko. Some people confuse these to be of Chinese origin, which they are not.

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