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Panorama Road Trip

Grand Canyon South Rim - Panorama

A while ago I have discovered that Adobe Lightroom is capable of stitching panoramas as well as computing HDRs. While the results for the HDRs, which stands for High-dynamic-range (imaging), are not very convincing in my opinion, Lightroom does a pretty good job stitching panos. It even stitches RAW files, so you can work with parameters such as white balance, contrast, perspective and everything you can do with regular RAW files as well.
Shooting real panoramas vs. using super wide angle lenses has the advantage that the resolution is way higher, since they're stitched from multiple files which are hi-res already, and also depending on the focal length you're using for the pano-shots, things in the distance appear a bit closer.
The following pictures were shot in California, as well as in Arizona.

Galleta Meadows fighting horses sculptures - panorama

I have been taking pictures of the metal sculptures at Galleta Meadows before. Here are the fighting horses once more, but this time in relation to the vastness of the Anza-Borrego desert.

Grand Canyon South Rim - Panorama

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona with a dramatic set of clouds.

Landscape Page, Arizona - panorama

Trailer and bizarre rock formations near Page, Arizona.

Galleta Meadows Serpent-Dragon Sculpture - Panorama

The Serpent-Dragon, one of my favorites among the Galleta Meadows Sculptures. This one spans a whopping 350-foot (almost 120 meters).

South Rim, Bright Angel Trail at dusk - Panorama

The Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon National Park at dusk.

Lake Poway - panorama

Lake Poway in San Diego County. We hiked around the whole lake, so it's a good thing you don't even need a tripod for the panorama shots.

Flat top mountains at Page, AZ - panorama

Flat top mountains and strange rock formations near Page, AZ.

Galleta Meadows ,  Sculptures, Scorpion vs. locust - panorama

Scorpion vs. locust, both part of the Galleta Meadows Sculptures. Last time I went there I even spend a night sleeping next to the scorpion.

Arizona landscape - panorama

I shot this one on our way from the South Rim to Page, Arizona, where we went to see the Antelope Canyon.

South Rim, Bright Angel Trail - Panorama

At the Grand Canyon we hiked down the Bright Angel Trail quite a bit. It's crawling with visitors, which can be annoying if you like the quite of nature, but on the other hand it's a well maintained trail.

Lake Poway - panorama

Another capture of Lake Poway, seen from the picnic area.

Sequoia National Park - panorama

Windy roads ascending Sequoia National Park.

Spreckels Organ Pavillion at Balboa Park - panorama

Back in San Diego at the Spreckels Organ Pavillion in Balboa Park, view from the stage are/pavillion towards spectators with colorful parasols.

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