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Comic-Con San Diego 2017 (2/2)

I consider the SDCC one of the highlights of the year, there are so many exiting costumes to see, so many interesting people to meet. And as a professional photographer I appreciate the many opportunities to take beautiful pictures of colorful cosplayers.
Cosplayer Jane from San Diego as "Raven" from "DC Bombshells" right in front of the Convention Center.
Feel free to link to my blog or share on social sites! Especially if you are one of these amazing cosplayers.

Cosplayer Joel from Simi Valley as "Green lantern".

Cosplayer Matt from Hawaii as "Goku" from "Dragonball". Matt aka Goku Flex, is a fitness expert, online coach and YouTube personality.

Alicia and Meagan as female versions of "Luigi" and "Mario" from "Super Mario".

Chrissy from L.A. as "Queen of the Dead" from "Sideshow Collectibles".

David came all the way from Green Bank, West Virginia to the Comic Con, cosplaying "Kevin Flynn" from the 1982 Tron movie. He wanted to cosplay in the spirit of the actual "prop" costume, which is white with black line markings, the glowing blues were colored in post-production.

Cosplayer Carol from Santa Clarita as "Harley Quinn".

Lizbeth from San Diego cosplaying a colorful "Diva" from "Overwatch".

This scary guy is Noel as "Qunari Warrior" from "Dragon Age", who came from the windy city, aka Chicago to sunny San Diego.

A dehydrated cosplayer named Nicholas from San Diego had to suffer a lot from the heat in his "Punisher" costume, as you can imagine.

Last but not least Lissette from San Diego as "Princess Peach" from Nintendo.

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